My interview with Sophie Li, Senior Manager at Sinopec Century Bright UK

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I had the great pleasure of interviewing Sophie Li!

Sophie Li is a senior manager at the London office of Sinopec Century Bright UK, who are the treasury and finance arm of Sinopec - one of the world's largest oil companies. Sophie graduated with a degree in Offshore Engineering from Tianjin University, and later took an International MBA at Birmingham University in the UK. She is originally from Xiamen in southern China.

  1. What are the most exciting trends you are seeing in China today?

    • The rapid uptake and implementation of AI driven technologies everywhere and the fast moving E-commerce space, supported by robust logistics.

  2. How has the coronavirus affected your business and other businesses in your industry?

    • The Coronavirus has certainly had significant impact on the energy industry, and the upstream business has been heavily impacted. In terms of Petroleum Trading, this business has not been as badly impacted, volatility often creates opportunities.

  3. What is one thing people outside of China misunderstand about the country?

    • China is a fast moving and modern country. More so than most western people could imagine.

  4. What are some companies you admire in China?

    • There are plenty of admirable companies in China. The one that springs to mind is Tencent with their WeChat platform. Every person or company are benefitting from it, whether it be in enabling efficient communication or convenience.

  5. What is the single most important piece of advice you would give to someone trying to get their business to thrive in this time period?

    • In China , the most important thing is to understand and follow the current government policies correctly. The government is very determined if they want to get things done, then they generally happen very quickly. It's important to understand and stay abreast of these policies and trends.

Quickfire Questions…

A - What’s the best thing you have watched recently? (Film, TV Show, Ted Talk, Youtube Video, etc.)

  • Gangs of New York. In terms of Chinese language films, we recently watched 'The Farewell' on Amazon Prime.

B - What’s the best thing you’ve read recently? (Book, Article, Research Report, Tweetstorm, etc.)

  • Chinese book, Hong Ding Shang Ren (红顶商人), the story is about a notable businessman in China during the latter Qing Dynasty. He comes from a humble background and started as an apprentice in a bank.

C - What’s the best thing you have listened to recently? (Song, Album, Artist, Podcast, Audiobook, etc.)

  • Wujian's Chinese stock investment podcast on Taoguwang.