Nov 18, 2020 • 31M

My Interview with Bea Trinidad - Adventures in the Culinary World across Australia and the Philippines

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I recently interviewed Bea Trinidad. Bea is from the Philippines and we met through the On Deck Writer fellowship.

Having grown up in Manila, Bea decided to go to university in Australia, where she set up her own restaurant and worked across the advertising and media industry. She is now back in Manila working on her family business in the culinary industry.

Bea’s experiences make her a cross-cultural diplomat who has dealt with the true cultural complexities of working both in the East and West.

When you hear Bea’s story, you’ll learn a lot about the differences in culture between a place like the Philippines and Australia. The Philippines, like many emerging markets, works differently compared to countries in the West and requires a sophisticated level of cultural understanding in order to get business done. It’s also important to consider that Philippines is heavily influenced by Latin culture, which is unique compared to other Asian countries. A large part of our conversation revolved around this topic!

What did we talk about?

  • The biggest business opportunities and coolest companies in the Philippines

  • Comparing business and life in the Philippines vs. Australia

  • How Latin culture influences the Philippines in terms of emotion and language

  • Typical misunderstandings in board rooms, kitchens, and more

  • Crafting brand strategy and messaging in the middle of the coronavirus

  • What makes the Philippines a major emerging market opportunity

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